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How Liquid Level Sensors Can Help The Visually Impaired

All too often, the concept of visual impairment or blindness is wrongfully associated with helplessness. While famous celebrities like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder have helped to change mainstream perception over the years, it is still common for people to …
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stainless steel and plastic top mounted float switch

How to Stop Level Sensors from Failing

Level sensors are used in a number of different industries and applications to provide accurate measurement of liquids and other fluidized solids within a tank or vessel. Whether continuous or point value is set to be measured, their reliability makes …
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level sensor

How to Choose a Level Sensor

We speak frequently about the various applications where level sensing is used and how to best provide accurate measurements. But for this post though, we’ll be going back to basics to overview some of the most important things to consider …
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plastic multi level float switch with attachment

Customized Sensors: Get the Fit You Need

 Fluid sensors and level switches are used in a number of applications across industries to provide leak detection, overflow alarms, low-level warnings and even overfill shutoffs. In many of these cases, they are detrimental to operations and livelihood. These sensors …
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Level Sensors: How They Work & What They Do

How do you measure the level of liquid in a contained space that’s flowing freely and in some cases too hot or dangerous to come in contact with? The answer is –  Level Sensors. Using a magnet and reed, the …
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What Makes a Float Switch So Accurate?

Float switches are central to what we offer here at SMD Fluid Controls. The devices in a basic explanation include a hollow float, magnet, reed contact, guide tube and retaining collars. Depending on the position of the magnet, when the …
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Level Sensors Make Portable Power Reliable

Schools will be out for summer break soon and temps are warming up for most of the nation. While it may mean poolside relaxing and vacations for some, for many who work in the construction and maintenance industry, the busy …
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float switch level sensor

How to Properly Handle Float Switch Level Sensors

Float switches that measure liquid levels in a vessel or container play an important role in many applications. From activating sump pumps to stopping dangerous fluid overflow, the uses are endless. Since measuring must be exact, the operation of level …
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