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SwitchDAQ Liquid Level Monitoring System

The SwitchDAQ is a high-speed data acquisition system that can wirelessly monitor up to 7 devices simultaneously. It connects via Bluetooth to our iPad app, or to a custom PC interface.

Product Description

SMD Sensors now offers a wireless monitoring system called SwitchDAQ. This high-speed data acquisition system is battery-powered and communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The SwitchDAQ features 2 analog input channels with 12-bit measurement resolution for continuous or RTD temperature sensors, and 8 digital input channels for float sensors or any on-off devices. It connects via Bluetooth to our iPad app, or to a custom PC interface. This device is also capable of user integration; SMD will provide the Bluetooth packet structure so that it can be programmed with your own device. Report status of the 8 on-off switches and the 2 analog devices can be generated on demand. A near-limitless number of SwitchDAQs can be ‘paired’ to a receiver and up to 7 devices can be monitored simultaneously. The device battery powered, with a max lifespan of up to 5 years. It is also capable of being hard-wired with 5-24V for continuous monitoring capabilities, leaving the battery as a backup option. The SwitchDAQ delivers premium monitoring performance at a surprisingly affordable price.


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