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Stainless Steel Miniature Vertical Float Switch has a corrosion-resistant design, compact size, and flexibility of float configuration.


Float Switch Handling


Product Description

The FS11 stainless steel miniature vertical float switch is the same size as the FS12 but is designed to deal with more harsh environments. Featuring a specific gravity of from 0.50 to 0.75. The FS11 has a 50-watt switch, max temperatures of 105°C – 125°C and max PSIG of ranging from 100 – 250. Combined with corrosion-resistant design, compact size, and flexibility of float configuration, these tank level sensors offer a broad degree of functionality for a variety of applications. From alarms and leak detection to a sump pump and wet well monitoring to the storage, chemical mixing, and screening control. Avoiding severe mishaps can come down to your vertical float switch monitoring your application.

Vertical float switch applications can range from any industry but a pretty straight forward market is food and beverage. Food spoil, sanitation and other concerns like contamination are all a part of the food processing industry. To maintain high levels of product quality, it’s vital that exact measures of ingredients are used and are maintained during the production process. Vertical float switches to aid in this production process by continuously measuring the liquid level in the tank and recording the data.


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Spec Part
Switch Type Max Switching Current Max Switching Voltage Max Temp Max Pressure Specific Gravity Supply Current Supply Voltage
FS11-0001 Quote 50 W (NO NC) 0.5 A 250 VDC 125° C 250 PSIG 0.75 N/A N/A
FS11-0011 Quote 50 W (NO NC) 0.5 A 100 VDC 105° C 100 PSIG 0.75 N/A N/A
FS11-0021 Quote 50 W (NO NC) 0.5 A 150 VDC 120° C 150 PSIG 0.50 N/A N/A