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Relay Adaptor Box

The Relay Adapter Box provides a user with clearly labeled, durable, industry standard terminals that can be used to configure the device for different applications. The associated user manual outlines several of the most common connection schemes and how to easily implement them on the Relay Adapter Box. Aside from ease of use, this device is available in a wide array of voltage/current ratings, making it suitable for almost any system.
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Product Description

The implementation of the Relay Adaptor Box is ideal for liquid level sensing systems. There is a variety of connection schemes that offer a user flexibility in how their system works. These systems can be as simple as providing indication that the liquid level has reached a certain point, or as complicated as an automated pump-up/pump-down system. To streamline our customer’s experience, Strain Measurement Devices offers the Relay Adapter Box as an easy way to interface with our level sensors.

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