Design Services SMD can consult you with your application

SMD Fluid Controls will work with a customer’s engineering department to design a liquid level sensor with unique requirements such as multilevel, combined temperature and level, continuous level, high pressure, high temperature, explosion proof, flow sensors, and many more. If you know what you need your part to do, but aren’t sure exactly what it needs to do it, we can work together to get exactly what you need.

Our electrical engineers can help solve your problems, including but not limited to:

Review of Control Circuit/Schematic

80% Complete

Design of Embedded Wired and Wireless Communication

80% Complete


  • Mounting/Fitting Style
  • Relay, pump, solenoid valve, (what are they controlling) power requirements
  • Fluid type or chemical for compatibility, size, shape of vessel or tank, specific gravity

SMD Can Make Sensors to Measure Anything!

SMD Fluid Controls will get you the right float switch or liquid level sensor for your application! Our Sensors can measure anything. Even something as sensitive as the intraocular pressure in the human eye.

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