Liquid Level Sensors for Leachate Tanks from SMD Fluid Controls

a landfill

When rain falls over landfills, the water passes through the collected waste and becomes a hazardous liquid known as leachate. Left alone, this leachate will seep into the groundwater and contaminate nearby rivers, streams, and other bodies of water.

That’s why leachate diversion, storage, and treatment are required in much of the world. This process can be complicated, requires a network of hardware such as storage tanks and liquid level sensors. Level sensors for leachate storage tanks are used to monitor levels, detect leaks, and activate overflow alarms.

If you’re looking for liquid level sensors for leachate tanks or other wastewater treatment applications, SMD Fluid Controls has a number of standard and custom solutions. Read on or get in touch to learn more. (more…)

Float Switches for Effluent Pumps & Ejector Pumps

The surface of a dark pool of water, photographed from above.For many of us in the modern world, waste is something we flush and forget. We don’t need to know where it goes, or how to gets there. But for people who live with septic tanks or holding tanks instead of modern sewage systems know better.

Septic tanks in homes and holding tanks on boats are relatively simple. Waste comes in from an intake or inlet and separates into three layers. Sludge sits at the bottom, clarified water in the middle, and oily “scum” on top. Water is discharged and solids break down thanks to special bacteria.

Without properly functioning pumps, this discharge could fail, leading to backups, overflows, or other issues.

If you have a septic tank or holding tank, it’s imperative that you keep your discharge, effluent, and ejector pumps working in top order. That means buying the best hardware upfront when installing a new system, and maintaining and replacing the old one when needed.

SMD Fluid Controls is a leader in float switches and liquid level sensors of all varieties and applications, including sewage pumps and septic tanks. Whether you need a single float for a home system or multiple custom units and OEM design service, SMD can help. (more…)

Float Switches for Well Pumps

An old green water pump attached to a well.

Wells have been an important part of human infrastructure for thousands of years. Water is essential for everyday life, and wells make it possible to rely on a clean, ready source of fresh drinking water right beneath one’s feet.

While primitive wells rely on buckets and rope or other relatively simple machine to retrieve water from the bottom, more sophisticated ones use electronic pumps.

Electronic well pumps use a variety of components to retrieve water from the bottom of the well. One of the most important in many pump systems is the float switch or other liquid level sensor. (more…)

The Importance of Float Switches During Hurricane Season

Startled man ready to run after hurricane driven wave smashes into seawall, just north of Miami Beach, Florida

Hurricane season is here on the East Coast, and from Florida to Maine it’s past time to prepare for the worst of what the season can offer.

When hurricanes strike, flooding caused by heavy rain and wind is usually one of the most destructive results. Even mild flooding can halt infrastructure and destroy property.

Preparing for hurricane season is therefore largely a matter of preparing for flooding. And that’s one area where float switches and liquid level sensors can really come in handy!   (more…)

How to Keep Your Sump Pump Running Smoothly

Sump SwitchIf you have a sump pump as a homeowner, you probably don’t think much about it. These pumps can usually be found in a basement sump basin, and are only used to pump water outside when water reaches a certain level in the pit. In other words, these pumps help keep basements from becoming flooded during heavy rains or wet conditions. A problem occurs, though, if the sump pump doesn’t switch on when the water level reaches a certain point, and the basement floods.


Make & Install Your Own Basement Sump Pump System

DIY Sump Pump Installation

Credit: Krystle with via Flickr/CC BY 2.0 (Edited)

Sump pumps aren’t something that many people spend a lot of time thinking about, but the fact of the matter is they’re usually one of the most important appliances in the entire house.

When water seeps into a home’s basement and foundation, which is a common occurrence for many homes during heavy rains or snowmelt, a sump pump is what gets the water back outside for it can cause rot and other catastrophic damage to the house.

If you’re experiencing flooding or leaking water in your basement, a sump pump may be a necessary way to eliminate the problem. If you’re experienced with DIY home improvements, you can do this on your own without having to hire a contractor. (more…)

Float Switches for Bilge Pumps

A sailboat on the water as the sun rises. Automatic bilge pumps are important parts of any modern boat. Simply put, the bilge is the lowest compartment of a ship or boat, a hollow space below the waterline. Over time water invariably collects in the bilge. If this water isn’t removed, it can lead to the boat losing performance, or even sinking.

Bilge pumps do just what it sounds like they would: pump water out of the bilge. In contrast to old-fashioned manual pumps (or worse, a bucket and some elbow grease), automatic bilge pumps are electric devices that pump water out of the bilge as soon as it reaches a predetermined point. (more…)