Float Switches for Water Tanks: Horizontal and Vertical Options from SMD Fluid Controls

A close-up photograph of a water tank with printed level measurement gauge.Large water tanks are instrumental to the everyday operation of scores of diverse industries. From agriculture and irrigation to waste treatment, manufacturing, and food and beverage processing, water tanks are essential.

For most (if not all) industries where large water tanks are key, level sensing is necessary. Liquid level sensors and float switches in particular are instrumental in automating and regulating tasks including the following:

  • High level and overflow detection
  • Low level and leak monitoring
  • Managing pumps and inflow devices
  • And more


Liquid Level Sensors for Air Handler Units and HVAC

Air_handling_unitHave you ever thought about how air handling, warming, and cooling units work? Most don’t, and instead, take for granted that an air conditioner generates cool air, a filter takes out particles, or a heating system ensures your space is warm in winter.

However, operation involves multiple types of sensors, which are responsible for monitoring air, carbon dioxide, and water levels. On a general level, these see how much air or liquid flows through, and if it doesn’t meet the required level, can shut a system off or indicate a filter needs to be changed. (more…)

What You Need to Know About Liquid Level Sensors for Industrial Food Processing Equipment

Supermarket Aisles of Processed Foods.

Foods like these often rely on liquid level sensors during the processing phase. Credit: Sean Gregor via Flickr/Creative Commons.

What many don’t realize is, liquid level sensors are a crucial part of industrial food storage. Within this extensive setup, this part assists with controlling and monitoring temperature, liquid and foam levels, fluid flow, agitator speed, pressure, and weight.

When you’re considering how liquid level sensors fit into an industrial food processing environment, be aware of the following factors. (more…)

Condensate Pan Float Switches from SMD Fluid Controls

Air Conditioner LogoAir conditioners are all but ubiquitous in the modern developed world, so much so that many people never think about them until their malfunctioning. We simply accept that even the harshest of the summer’s dog days will be pleasant and mild as long as we’re inside. With that being the case, it’s easy to forget just how complex and sophisticated the function of modern air conditioners is – and how important condensate pan float switches are to our summer comfort. (more…)