The Disadvantages of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors

black sound waves against a white background

When it comes to liquid level sensors, there are many different styles to choose from.

Standard float switches are probably the most popular and well-known options, but there are also more sophisticated units like hydrostatic pressure sensors, optical liquid level sensors, and more.

Ultrasonic liquid level sensors, which use pulses of ultrasonic sound to calculate liquid levels, are versatile and extremely reliable. But like any level sensing technology, they have pros and cons.

If you’re wondering if ultrasonic liquid level sensors are right for your application, take a look at some of their disadvantages below. If any are relevant to you, it’s probably best to try a different sensor technology. (more…)

Float Switch Failure Contributes to Seattle Wastewater Spill

A view of the Puget Sound with the Space Needle in the foreground.

A view of the Puget Sound in Seattle. Photo credit: Kate Wellington via Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Just how big of an impact can one or two float switches have? According to reports, a combination of a power outage and failing float switches at Seattle’s West Point Treatment Plant caused millions of gallons of raw sewage and untreated runoff to end up in the United States’ second-largest estuary. The plant, the largest in Washington State, is in the process of cleaning it up and figuring out what went wrong. (more…)

Liquid Level Sensors for Environmental Monitoring & Flood Detection

Do you know that floods cause about $150 billion yearly in destruction, damaging infrastructure, facilities, and even trade routes? While floods in certain instances are inevitable, a preventative strategy reduces your risks of damage, improves safety, and lets you start evacuating the area sooner.

Ideal for cities and low-lying areas, many such strategies involve measuring water surface levels with a liquid level sensor. Frequently operating wirelessly, it sends out a message once water or another fluid reaches a certain level, letting you know to get prepared or leave the area. What should you be aware of? (more…)