Liquid Level Sensors for Cryogenic Applications

Liquid Nitrogen Being Monitored on a U.S. Navy ShipTo the average person, the word “cryogenics” likely evokes images with more of a basis in science fiction than fact: eccentric billionaires flash-frozen to preserve life indefinitely; a starship crew sleeping through the longest part of their journey; the neurotic owner of a ‘70s health-food store waking up in a 22nd Century police state.

In reality though, cryogenic technologies are far more common and mundane than these motifs suggest. Strictly speaking, “cryogenic” is applied to any technology or process involving temperatures below 150°C. Cryogenic technologies and processes are common in steel processing, natural gas transfer, power transmission, food preservation, and many other industries. (more…)

Oil Level Sensors from SMD Fluid Controls

An illustrated drop of crude oil.A worldwide leader in level sensing technology for a wide range of industries and applications, SMD Fluid Controls has a number of products ideal for use in the oil & gas industries.

Oil level sensors and other industrial tank level sensors can take the form of standard mechanical float switches, ultrasonic switches, or others depending on specific application requirements and the liquid medium being measured. Applications include but are not limited to fuel oil, automotive oil, cooking oil, crude oil, gasoline, and more. Depending on your oil level measurement needs, you may find one of their off-the-shelf products usable, or require a custom solution – SMD is happy to help with either.

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