The job of a design engineer is unique and often cumbersome. Across industries, they must rely on physics, complex scientific and mathematical techniques and sometimes even create something that’s not been done before.  Along with this inventive requirement, they’re also responsible for safety, meeting compliance and other standards all while doing this within a budget constraint.

That’s a lot to take on. By working closely with the manufacturing engineer and a team of designers throughout the product lifecycle and leaning on other experts in the industry, there is much benefit to be had. Cost and time savings and a product that works exactly as you intended it to.

After having researched and specified the requirements of the project and finding that there is a need to sense a liquid within the parts, calling on the experts at SMD Fluid Switch as a partner makes sense.

Here’s why.

We Do Level Sensing

We’ve been designing custom sensors to measure force, pressure, temperature, weight, torque, liquid level and many combinations of these since 1978. As a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of fluid switches, float switches, temperature gauges, and liquid level sensors. We have the experience in design and the integration of sensors into custom designs and can create solutions that meet your specifications.

These include machined level sensors, optical switches, ultrasonic level measurement, and custom molded float switches in metals or plastics like stainless steel, polypropylene, and nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR).

We Keep it Cost Sensible

We work to lower costs and increase productivity for all of our clients, offering competitive pricing for OEM designs and applications.

So whether you’re an automotive engineer and looking to add a fuel sensor to a gas tank, or a design engineer designing a countertop beer brewing machine and in need of water level management sensors, we’re here to help!

We Serve a diverse range of industries, including Aircraft and Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Boiler, HVAC and Air Handlers, Breweries and Wineries, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Industrial Equipment, Marine, Medical, Oil & Gas, Specialty Vehicles: ATV, Farm Equipment, Water and Wastewater, and Manufacturing.

Engineers: Don’t go it alone when you’re designing a build. Get in touch today!


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