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Protecting Pumps with Level Sensors

Pump manufacturers play an important role in the industries they serve. Accurate and continued functionality of these systems is critical. From insurance risks to public safety, ensuring a system is designed to last and won’t break or fail when it’s …
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Understanding Specific Gravity & Float Switch Selection

Specific Gravity in liquid level measurement refers to the ratio of the density of a substance within a tank. For fluid monitoring levels, this factor is an important one to consider as it ensures selection the of an appropriate float …
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man in pharma lab

Hygienic Sensors Play Critical Role in Biotech and Pharma

Hygienic and sanitary measurement solutions play a critical role in biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries where accuracy can literally be a matter of life and death. In addition to safety, these sensors help improve efficiency and productivity so that manufacturers …
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Maintaining Consistent IV Levels With Liquid Level Sensors

When it comes to medical tools, few are as vital as the IV bag. Hospitals, ambulances, and walk-ins use intravenous lines (‘IV’) to insert essential medication or fluids directly into a patient’s’ veins. In many instances, the IV drip is …
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water recycling

Liquid Level Sensors Help Rainwater Reclamation Systems

There is a global water crisis happening that continues to be a growing threat to the world’s population. While we hear a lot about the importance of recycling items to help save the environment, water reclamation can help improve the …
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market increase

Ultrasonic Sensors Surge in Demand as Market Heats Up

Ultrasonic sensors are easy to use and reliable for distance measurement, object detection, and liquid level measurement. Since they work with soundwaves, they can be used in non-contact environments and for a number of different applications that would otherwise be …
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Level Sensors for Effective Oil Spill Containment Systems

Spill containment is important and requires immediate response to be effective. By stopping the spread of a spill (whether chemical, oil sewage or some other substance) it’s possible to curb the ill effects –  such as absorption or spread of …
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Industrial Sensors Market Heats Up

The market for sensors that measure physical quantities and send signals to change, operate or maneuver systems, is hot across so many industries and as the tech matures, they continue to find applications in a number of places. From sensing …
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food truck sensors

Hot Trend: How Sensors Enhance Food Trucks

Food trucks serve an estimated 2.5 billion people every day. The trend that emerged in Los Angeles a decade ago began mostly as a way to get fresh tacos while on the go. Now, there’s a food truck revolution happening …
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