Washing the dishes is one of the necessary evils that exist in any home. Who does that task might be the start to some heated debates, but at least it’s gotten better over the decades. With better water pressure, the availability of hot water and technologies, we’ve graduated from scrubbing pans in a soaking tub, to being able to load the dishwasher to do the job for us.

However, as any super-clean-fanatic mom or wife will tell you, cleaning the dishes prior to putting them into these devices is usually needed. Otherwise, the end result is dishes that still look dull, dingy and might even come out with stuck on debris.

That can all change thanks to switches and sensors.

If you’re wondering what the point of running a full dishwasher to clean dishes is if you have to give them a light cleaning prior anyways, you’re not alone. A dishwasher should be washing the dishes, right? To achieve this there needs to be a good variable of hot enough water, detergent and spray force.

A number of new features are being added to today’s home appliances to help them deliver better results and operate more efficiently.

Here’s how sensors and switches can up the game and make dishwashers perform as they’ve always been expected to.

Proper Operation

Many of the moving internal parts that allow the dishwasher to operate safely and efficiently must function as intended the entire time a cycle is going for it to do a proper cleaning. Reed switches and sensors incorporated on spray arms, door latches and door locks can be used to keep motors from burning out, door locks from becoming faulty and can even ensure the dishwasher stay sealed while it cleans.

Level and Temperature Sensors

Water fills into the dishwasher before it begins the cleaning cycles. Water level sensors can keep this liquid at the right levels and at the correct temperatures required to get the dishes clean. Better measurement of water levels also cuts down on unnecessary water usage, higher utility bills and can cut down on detergent waste.

To perform these functions and perform them well, quality switches made of durable and compatible materials is necessary. SMD Fluid Controls manufactures and supplies a wide variety of fluid switches, float switches, temperature gauges, and liquid level sensors, including standard off-the-shelf products and custom sensors designed to meet your specific needs.

Interested in taking your dishwashing build to the next level? Get in touch today!

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