When it comes to medical tools, few are as vital as the IV bag. Hospitals, ambulances, and walk-ins use inventrous lines (‘IV’) to insert essential medication or fluids directly into a patient’s’ veins. In many instances, the IV drip is crucial to the recipient’s survival; therefore, it is important for the patient to receive consistent flow during the time frame specified by the commanding medical professional.

Keeping An Eye on IV Depletion in Hospitals

In most hospitals, patients outnumber doctors, nurses, surgeons, and interns. Fortunately, recent advances in technology–emergency alarms, cameras, and sophisticated monitoring systems–has helped medical professionals stay vigilant without having to be in every patient’s room at once. Liquid level sensors can be used to support this commitment to vigilance. When integrated with IV management, liquid level sensors can ensure that a patient’s specified dose does not get used too quickly.

Since the contents of the IV drip should not come in direct contact with the level sensor, an ultrasonic liquid sensor is recommended. Ultrasonic liquid level sensors monitor levels with sound-waves. If the IV bag were to ever become too depleted, then the ultrasonic sensor could help to trigger an alarm.

Helping to Prevent Overdoses

In addition to IV depletion, ultrasonic liquid sensors can also be used to prevent overdoses. There is no substitute for a  good doctor or nurse, but even the best medical professionals make mistakes. Fortunately, with liquid level sensors, the doctor or nurse can define potentially harmful thresholds well in advance. This extra safeguard will help reduce stress, allowing them to focus on big-picture concerns.

Ready For Extra Vigilance in Your Hospital? Contact SMD Fluid Controls Today

If you’re interested in utilizing a liquid level sensor solution for IV or medication management, then the experts at SMD Fluid Controls want to help! There is no “try” in our vocabulary. Even if we do not have a specific sensor to fit your needs, we will build one. Simply put, if you can dream it, we will build it. If you have an idea for a solution, but aren’t sure if it will work, we want to hear about it. SMD Fluid Controls has the knowledge and creative spark needed to make your dream into a reality. Help us help you.  


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