The market for sensors that measure physical quantities and send signals to change, operate or maneuver systems, is hot across so many industries and as tech matures, they continue to find application in a number of places.

From sensing liquids in remote storage tanks in the fuel industry, to sending alerts when a pump fails on a boat, or predicting an overflow situation in a tunnel, there is a multitude of ways industrial sensors are working each day.

Latest Research Findings

According to the latest research findings, the industrial sensors market, which is currently valued at $16B, will climb to $21.6B by 2023. Much of this growth is being attributed to increasing use of wireless sensors as well as industry 4.0, industrial robotics and the IIoT.

Of this growing market share, level sensors are specifically holding the biggest place with non-contact sensors also growing.

Where the up-and-coming sensor growth will find most useful is predictive maintenance according to the findings. In addition to capturing and sharing data, the sensors will be able to help with predictions on repair, breakdown and even help industries significantly cut costs while increasing efficiency.

Industrial Controls Systems

With industrial control systems, specifically the instrumentation used for industrial process control, it’s easy to measure and track changes in a physical environment based on pressure, temperature, level, flow, motion, and more. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, mining, energy and power, oil and gas and manufacturing can all leverage this to achieve desired results while maximizing quality and automation.

At SMD Fluid Controls we offer OEM solutions as well as custom sensors to meet your needs. Whatever the project you have in mind or need help with, our skilled engineers are ready to help find and build a solution that works.


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