Level sensors are used in a number of different industries and applications to provide accurate measurement of liquids and other fluidized solids within a tank or vessel. Whether continuous or point value is set to be measured, their reliability makes level sensors a top option for keeping systems operating as intended.

What happens though in those occasional cases when tanks overflow or fluid levels get so low that a system breaks down? In these situations, and when it is discovered that a level sensor has failed, getting to the root of the issue and finding ways to prevent it from happening again is important.

First, let’s look at the reasons why:

Reasons for Float Switch Failure

One of the top reasons a float switch may fail has to do with poor maintenance practices. Normal wear and tear must be monitored and systems should be updated for optimal operating life. There are also application specifications and configurations to consider. Since no job is exactly the same, having a proper fitting float switch built from the right materials can make or break a design. Having the correct current conditions for shut down and steady state is also imperative.

Working with an expert team of engineers with experience in float switch design and application is a critical step in the building process. At SMD Fluid Controls we work together with customers to design a solution that works specifically within their requirements. Speak to a professional today!

Now let’s talk about protection from these issues.

Prevention Methods

To protect level switches from failing due to overcurrent conditions, proper wiring is needed. SMD Fluid Controls recommends tying the load and the switch as close as possible to the ground source to reduce any load spikes from traveling through the switch.

level sensor

As a precaution, you should also ensure that float switches are always mounted properly and that cables and connections are done accurately. These steps along with consistent cleaning and monitoring will go a long way in preventing level sensor failures from small production halts to those we read about in news headlines.

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