All too often, the concept of visual impairment or blindness is wrongfully associated with helplessness. While famous celebrities like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder have helped to change mainstream perception over the years, it is still common for people to connect such disabilities with old age and impassable obstacles.

In reality, however, many visually challenged people are far from helpless. These people often make smart use of tools and devices, such as level sensors, that can make certain challenges easy to overcome.

Preventing Liquid Overflow With Liquid Level Sensors

So, what challenge can liquid level sensors help to vanquish? Liquid overflow. With the use of float switches, devices can be made to alert them when liquid levels get close to the overflow threshold inside containers. In practice, these types of devices typically emit an audible alarm and vibrate simultaneously. This allows visually challenged people to “hear” and “feel” the warning signs.

Float switches allow overflow protection from any liquid, hot or cold. That means visually impaired or blind individuals can pour iced-cold water, hot coffee, wine, or even thick maple syrup without having to worry about it overflowing.

Flood Warnings: A Safety Application For All

Aside from the comparatively small-scale, yet extremely efficient solution for avoiding cup overflows and spills, float switches can be used to alert sighted, visually impaired, and blind people of flooded basements, attics, and floors. When outside temperatures drop to sub zero levels, burst pipes occur without warning. If this happens overnight, you may wake up to find valuables submerged in water. With liquid level sensing technology, however, warning alarms can sound immediately.

To learn more about how float switches work, check out our guide.

Much like a smoke detector, these types of safety applications should never be overlooked. While visually impaired or blind people may not be able to utilize sight, they can rely on their powerful sense of smell and hearing instead.  

Get Customized Solutions From SMD Fluid Controls

We at SMD Fluid Controls can construct solutions to fit a variety of needs. If you can dream it, we can build it! Remember that the visually impaired are capable of independence, and SMD Fluid Controls would be honored to develop applications that support this reality.

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