Drip irrigation is perhaps one of the most effective ways to grow healthy marijuana plants. Why? Because drip irrigation is grounded in automation.

What Is Drip Irrigation Exactly?

Drip irrigation is an automated watering method in which precise amounts of water and nutrients are applied directly to the roots of a plant. Contrary to what its name suggests, water and nutrients are not always fed in a “drip, drip” fashion; depending on the system’s specific design, a spray or mist may be administered instead.

How Drip Irrigation Works

A water hose or feeder is connected to an array of “drip emitters” (see below): small (about the size of a US quarter) pieces that release the amount of water and nutrients in controlled quantities. Drip irrigation is renowned by growers because they boast efficiencies in excess of 90% when compared to average sprinkler systems. In addition to preserving the bottom line, drip emitters only apply water and nutrients to roots that actually need it. Moreover, they reduce evaporation, leaching, and water runoff, which curbs waste.

drip emitter

drip emitters release exact amounts of water and nutrients into the soil

Preventing Over & Under Watering With Float Switches

There is perhaps nothing more detrimental to cannabis growth than under or over watering.  According to Leafly, under or over watering causes root rot, which will result in irreversible damage to plants if not identified and treated quickly.

Drip irrigation reduces this risk with its unrivaled precision. Unlike hand watering, where over watering and under watering can be all too common, drip irrigation systems give just the right amount at exactly the right time. Of course, this is not to say that human intervention becomes unnecessary once the proper parameters are set; it merely allows the grower to step back from the mundane tasks so that he can focus on monitoring the plant’s progress.

Float switches can be customized to make these marvelous systems even more precise and fail-safe. In order for growers to be able to step back, drip irrigators have to be able to accurately perform their scheduled actions.

This is where float switches come into play.  Float switches can be used to monitor the amount of water that goes into the soil: if too much or too little is applied, then float switches can tell the water feeder or drip emitters to either continue or cease.

Ready To Improve Your Drip Irrigation System? Contact SMD Fluid Controls

If you want to make your drip irrigation system as efficient as possible, then contact us today. SMD Fluid Controls can customize float switches to meet your unique needs. If you can dream it, we can build it! Let us help you grow the healthiest cannabis ever!

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