We often think of water and other fluids as things that are cool and refreshing, but in many industrial applications there are liquids that can make boiling water look safe by comparison. Food processing, pressurized fryers, steam tables, water purification, medical device sterilization, and others are just some of the applications that involve fluids that are well above the point of boiling.

But like many other applications where liquid is present, these require liquid level sensors. Because of the harsh conditions created by high temperatures, specialized high temperature float switches are required.

If these challenges sound familiar, SMD Fluid Controls offers a number of high temperature float switches and other solutions for tricky industrial applications where high-heat level sensing is required. With fully staffed locations in both the United States and United Kingdom, SMD is an international leader in custom level sensing solutions. Contact them today to learn more, or keep reading to see some of their selection of high-temperature float switches.

FS20 Vertical Float Switch

FS20-2000 High Temperature Float Switch from SMD Fluid ControlsThe FS20 is a stainless steel, vertically mounted line of float switches configured for both normally open and normally closed operation. Capable of operating in temperatures up to 150°C (302°F) and pressures of up to (an impressive) 750 PSI, the FS20 line of float switches is ideal for a number of difficult applications.

FH09 Side Mounted Float Switch

The FH09 float switch is a 90-degree side-mount float switch – perfect for vessels and applications which require a vertical float switch but lack top access for mounting. Made from quality 316 stainless steel and capable of functioning in temperatures of up to 125°C (257°F), the FH09 provides greater flexibility to SMD’s line of high temperature float switches.

FM20 Custom Multilevel Float Switches

For high temperature applications that require multiple-point level sensors, the FM20 full-size, multilevel float switch is the perfect solution. Made from stainless steel with aFM22 Combination Temperature and Level Sensor for High Heat Applications 150°C maximum operating temperature and a max pressure of 250 PSI, the FM20 is about as rugged as they come, and can be used to pipe plug or flange to provide flexibility and adjustability.

FM22 Combination Level/Temperature Sensors

If you need a sensor that covers double duty, the FM22 is your unit. Capable of both temperature and level sensing, these devices reduce tank intrusion and increase sensor efficiency. Capable of working in temperatures up to 250°C (482°F), these are perfect for point level sensing in deep fat fryers, medical applications, and more.

Contact SMD Fluid Controls today to learn more.

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