How Level and Temperature Sensors Can Be Used in CIP Systems for Agriculture

Clean-in-place (CIP) is a means of cleaning the insides of pipes, filters, and other equipment without disassembling components. In industries that require frequent cleaning of equipment to prevent contamination, such as food, beverage, and dairy processing; pharmaceuticals; and cosmetics, simplifying the process has allowed businesses to operate more efficiently and Read more…

Steam coming out from a copper tea kettle.

High Temperature Float Switches from SMD Fluid Controls

We often think of water and other fluids as things that are cool and refreshing, but in many industrial applications there are liquids that can make boiling water look safe by comparison. Food processing, pressurized fryers, steam tables, water purification, medical device sterilization, and others are just some of the applications that involve fluids that are well above the point of boiling.

But like many other applications where liquid is present, these require liquid level sensors. Because of the harsh conditions created by high temperatures, specialized high temperature float switches are required. (more…)