Looking for an APCO TL008? Try SMD’s FM22 Instead. Here’s Why.

Have you been looking for an APCO TL008 combination float switch and temperature sensor? If so, you are not alone!

Unfortunately, APCO TL008 sensors can be difficult to find. The unit is largely listed as out of stock or unavailable online. This can be frustrating!

Luckily, SMD Fluid Controls offers a similar combination level/temperature sensor with their FM22 line of sensors.   (more…)

Float Switches for Refrigerant Recovery Tanks

Common applications for liquid level sensors.For technicians repairing HVAC systems, one of the most common yet potentially unsafe tasks performed is refrigerant recovery. Part of making repairs and doing standard maintenance, the procedure – with liquid, vapor, and push-pull methods used – involves two possible DOT recovery tanks, both of which shouldn’t be filled beyond 80-percent capacity. Helping you reach this mark is a float switch inside the tank. (more…)

Faulty Water Level Sensor Responsible for Panama Canal Problems

Panama CanalRecently, the Panama Canal underwent about $5.2 billion worth of expansions. While certain upgrades may have been needed to accommodate the larger cargo and cruise ships from around the world regularly passing through, one problem persists: As ships get toward the Cocoli locks near the Pacific Ocean, the last set of steel doors don’t open all the way. As a result, captains directing these ships attempt to get these vessels through the narrower opening, and while most make it, passing that close tears off the adjacent bumpers and even damages the ships themselves. (more…)

How a Float Switch Works In Your Swimming Pool

If you own a pool, then you know that a lot of work goes into it. Not only are you responsible for cleaning it and making sure the water circulates, but you’re also responsible for dealing with your pool when temperatures dip below freezing. Now, we’re taking a closer look at how a pool’s circulation system works, and how a float valve plays a major role in your pool’s “health.” (more…)

Condensate Pan Float Switches from SMD Fluid Controls

Air Conditioner LogoAir conditioners are all but ubiquitous in the modern developed world, so much so that many people never think about them until their malfunctioning. We simply accept that even the harshest of the summer’s dog days will be pleasant and mild as long as we’re inside. With that being the case, it’s easy to forget just how complex and sophisticated the function of modern air conditioners is – and how important condensate pan float switches are to our summer comfort. (more…)