Water is an essential element that’s used in a multitude of ways each day. Proper management is important for safety measures as well as conservation efforts. For this reason, there are a number of wastewater treatment options and monitoring systems that can be used.

In water towers for example, where water reserves are stored for droughts and power outages, maintaining proper water levels and pressure is critical. Then there are wastewater facilities, where there’s also an urgent need to monitor tank levels and have alarms that sound before an overflow situation occurs.

In addition to overflow dangers, there are issues like building up of matter on the walls of a vessel, sludge in the tanks and pressure loss that can all negatively impact water management.

Pump controls and level sensors added to these applications are a solution for accurately monitoring and helping to ensure water remains safely stored and separated.

SMD Fluid Controls offers pump level control options so you can regulate fluid levels and configure your tank system as needed. Using a pump or valve with a Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) relay as well as float level switches combined with your product, we can help tanks to automatically pump up or down and keep your application running as needed.

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