Clean-in-place (CIP) systems incorporate liquid level sensors to ensure that the appropriate amount of cleaning solutions and water is being utilized. In some instances, signal wire run distances can be very long to the monitoring station. With the incorporation of a SwitchDAQ wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) system, monitoring can be obtainable up to 1000 feet away.

SwitchDAQ Liquid Level Monitoring System Highlights:

  • SwitchDAQ is a wireless monitoring device capable of connecting to 8 single point floats and 2 continuous floats simultaneously
  • Uses Bluetooth framework which can be integrated into a customer’s system, or a customer could use our app developed for the iPad
  • The SwitchDAQ System has a variety of applications, any situation where one or multiple float switches are used and remote monitoring or reducing cables would be a benefit.
  • Offer a variety of mounting options, weatherproof enclosure available, capable of running on battery power for up to 5 years

Application of SwitchDAQ Liquid Level Monitoring System

A Brewery using multiple float switches can monitor their water / mixture levels within their various processes to ensure liquid level stays above heater element, correct amount is added, etc. Each step in the process (lauter tun, mixer, fermentation vessel, etc) is carefully controlled, and instead of having an operator have to walk to each station to check a control panel, each station could have a SwitchDAQ, which would then allow an operator to monitor the status of all switches across their entire production system from the comfort of their office

Many pool owners can benefit from a SwitchDAQ wired to float switches in their pools to monitor the level. If the level is too low and they need to add water, or the level is too high and they need to stop filling, the SwitchDAQ Liquid Level Monitoring System  can allow the user to monitor the level and visually detect if there is an issue

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