SMD Fluid Controls has designed a cost-saving method of combining oil level sensing and high-temperature oil control.

Automatic Oil-fed Fryolator or Autofrier manufacturers were looking to reduce part count and thereby reduce cost in the design of their new style Autofriers. SMD Sensors came up with the solution to combine a high-temperature reed switch actuated by a float, and a K type thermocouple, located near the bottom of the oil tank.

How the Sensor Solution Works:

When the oil level falls below this level, the N.O. switch closes. This activates a ‘low oil level’ alarm and also shuts off the internal oil heater to prevent a catastrophic fire. This safety feature prevents overheating and prolongs the life of the oil heating coil. This method of cooking by submerging food into oil at high heat typically sees temperatures between 350 °F and 375 °F (175 °C to 190 °C). The K type thermocouple allows monitoring of these temperatures. 

While commonly used in commercial kitchens, household models are available and have become increasingly prevalent on the market.

This dual function temp/level float switch combines a float-operated level switch and a “K’ type thermocouple. The voltage will increase when temperatures rise, and this voltage is sent to the control module located in the Autofriers. The monitoring of oil temperature is critical in commercial kitchen applications.

These high-quality sensors are designed for high-temperature loads. The float switch is normally open at rest position (the circuit is complete when the float is elevated).

More ThermoFloat Features:

  • Detects low levels to prevent overheating of the oil heater element.
  • An optional High-Level float can be added for an auto-fill option.
  • Stem diameter of 0.313” and float diameter of 1.125” 
  • High-Temperature internal reed switch 10W
  • Silver Brazed joints and 500 degree–rated epoxy.
  • 316 SS is frequently used in food processing
  • Ideal for high-temperature, medical and petrochemical applications, as well as plating processes
  • Suitable in applications where superior corrosion resistance is required
  • All NPT vertical switches can be extended with pipe to meet custom tank depths

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