As much as we try to avoid them, oil spills happen. In fact, a major oil spill occurred in Baytown on February 3rd, 2020. Oil spills are, without a doubt, very dangerous: large oil spills contribute to the spread of bacteria and corrosive chemicals, which poses a threat to both the environment and the human race. So, what can we do to minimize oil spills? We can fit oil tanks with the right sensors.

Preventing Equipment Failure With Float Switches

To minimize the risk of spills, companies that transport or handle potentially dangerous liquids use spill containment systems, which are comprised of removable mats, pallets, and foam-walled berms; however, even if your containment system is air-tight, spills can still result from equipment failure. How can we combat equipment failure? With float switches, of course.

Float switches can be used to monitor liquid levels or temperatures. If the oil level in the tank drops to a certain point or the temperature changes in a certain way, then a signal can be sent that activates an emergency alarm or stop switch. With this extra layer of backup, serious spills can be prevented.

Get Float Switches From SMD Fluid Controls

SMD Fluid Controls creates custom liquid level sensors to fit a variety of applications. Our product line consists of off-the-shelf liquid level and temperature sensors capable of fitting in a variety of tanks. For specialized applications, our custom multi-level sensors can be designed and fitted specifically for your tank; multi-level sensors ensure redundant and effective protection by sensing low, medium, and high levels. If you’re in need of float switches for spill containment, then contact us today–our experienced team of engineers will be happy to help you!

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