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Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors

Ultrasonic liquid level sensors detect the presence of a liquid when it contacts the sensor face, similar to how optical or float switches work. These sensors work by using liquid to “conduct” the ultrasonic sound waves from one sensor face to the other; when no liquid is present, the ultrasonic waves cannot reach the opposite sensor face.

Since these sensors do not rely on moving parts or the need for specific optical properties, they are ideal for use in a much larger variety of liquids. The forked- or slit- design prevents the sensor from becoming clogged or obstructed by material buildup and keeps the sensor operating consistently. This allows ultrasonic liquid level sensors to be used in applications with suspended solids or higher viscosity liquids. While the optical properties of liquids can vary significantly, the acoustic properties of most liquids are very similar, which makes these sensors the ideal choice for most applications.

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